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4 Senior Living Trends for Marketing Success in 2023

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At Attane, we’re always looking for new ways to stay up to date with the latest senior living trends, serve our clients, and reshape the way they engage with success.

Several of our team members recently had the privilege of attending three senior living industry conferences across the nation:

The Ziegler Senior Living & Finance Strategy Conference. This is an invitation-only event that focuses on important business and financial trends specifically impacting the future senior living industry.

LeadingAge Annual Meeting & EXPO. This conference brings together thousands of industry experts to learn and discuss the latest senior living trends in technologies, innovations, products, services, and marketing solutions. 

SMASH (Senior Care Marketing & Sales Summit). At SMASH, our team learned the newest and most effective marketing and sales solutions. Activities included hands-on workshops, topic-specific roundtables, and discussions led by industry experts from around the country.

Top 4 Senior Living Industry Trends for 2023

Here are our 4 favorite senior living industry trends for 2023, along with tips from our marketing experts on how to use them to generate high-quality leads. 

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Simplify the home selling process

Many older adults want to move into senior living, but the home selling process can often feel overwhelming. Communities with solutions to simplify the process draw a lot of attention from seniors searching for a new home. 

Partnering with local or national real estate agents who specialize in working with older adults, such as Senior Real Estate Specialists® or Mom’s House, can offer a viable solution to seniors worried about a stressful selling process and help put your community on the map. 

A senior woman and a senior man carrying moving boxes

Make moving less stressful

Older adults face a unique set of challenges when it comes to downsizing and decluttering because it’s difficult to know where to start. 

There are several ways to inspire older adults in your surrounding area and across the nation to downsize and move to your community:

• Partner with moving companies that specifically help seniors.

• Take full advantage of our marketing solutions at Attane. One idea is to put SEO-optimized blog posts on your website that feature tips and tricks on how to make moving less stressful.

• Use Attane’s direct mail services to promote special events featuring experts who can help with decluttering, downsizing, selling and moving process.

A woman showcases loan paperwork to a senior couple standing up to get a better view of the paper

Provide information about bridge loans to prospective residents 

One of the top senior living trends of 2023 is providing future residents with information about bridge loans. This is a type of short-term loan used to “bridge the gap” between selling a home and moving to a senior living community. 

Here are a few details about bridge loans to consider discussing with prospective residents:

  • Bridge loans are easy to understand. 
  • These loans are almost instantaneous forms of financial support, so future residents won’t need to delay moving into your community if they urgently need higher levels of living.
  • Monthly payments for bridge loans are structured to be low, because the profit from a home sale quickly repays the loan. 
  • They’re a good financial solution for veterans waiting for benefits, which can take a year or more to begin receiving. 
  • They’re a popular alternative to a reverse mortgage, which requires at least one homeowner to remain in the home and may not be ideal for spouses who both need higher levels of living.

The cost of senior living and how to pay for it is a marketing trend that’s here to stay. You can generate high-quality leads with blog and social media posts, educational materials, and marketing automation lead-nurturing emails

At Attane, our marketing experts create strategies that allow your most pivotal digital marketing channels to perform at their peak, so you can attract and engage high-quality leads with speed, flexibility, and precision.

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Invest in omnichannel marketing

An omnichannel marketing approach is key to your success in 2023. By using pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO), you’re engaging future residents at every point of their digital journey to your senior living community. 

PPC ads offer laser-targeted visibility to specific audiences and can provide quick results.SEO bolsters PPC, drives website traffic, builds your brand authority, and increases your community’s overall presence on the internet. 

However, these are senior living marketing solutions you can’t set and forget. It takes a team of dedicated experts to continually monitor, update, and optimize every detail of PPC and SEO to serve your message in exactly the right context at exactly the right time.

Attane Has the Senior Living Marketing Solutions You’ve Been Searching For

There is a massive senior living industry trend that requires constant focus: The 75+ population continues to grow at a rapid pace. This is in addition to the political environment, inflation, pending recession, slowing housing market and higher interest rates.

As senior living experts, we know how to tackle many of these challenges. At Attane, we know what works, what doesn’t and when it’s time to adapt. We use our decades of experience and the latest senior living trends to deliver strategies that lead our clients to success.

Contact our team online to find out how you can benefit from the powerful, industry-leading marketing services at Attane. 

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