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Targeted Direct Mail Increases Event Responses 62.5%

Targeted Direct Mail Increases Event Responses 62.5%

The new senior living development Stevenson Oaks was lagging in conversions and had financing deadlines quickly approaching during the pandemic.

The community needed to quickly energize their direct mail campaigns to bring in more qualified leads for the sales team to convert. To achieve this, Attane:

  • Created an existing depositor profile within the ZIP code area
  • Reduced the target audience by 18K per mailing
  • Deployed and continued to refresh the targeted audience

New Approach Efficiently Drives More Leads

By pulling the mail audience in-house, Attane targeted more efficiently for Stevenson Oaks — purchasing fewer names and reducing mail and project cycle time while dramatically increasing the response rate and decreasing the cost per RSVP.

  • 62.5% increase in response rate
  • $723 decrease in cost per RSVP

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