Dennis Ehrich Jr.

Chief Technology Officer

Dennis ​brings over 25 years of experience to Attane including management consulting, innovation and new product development. Most recently, ​Dennis​ spent 10+ years at Service Management Group, a global market research company headquartered in Kansas City, MO. He led the organization’s transformation from “offline” and “point solutions” to a digital platform supporting clients around the world. The platform fueled growth at SMG by fusing technology and insights together to support faster decisions, thus allowing its users to outperform their competition.

Dennis ​enjoys building new products and services that help address unmet needs of consumers. The senior living marketplace is ripe for disruption in this manner. In addition, he likes to improve operational aspects through automation and process optimization.

When not at the office, ​Dennis ​likes to play golf with friends.

Headshot of Dennis Ehrich, Chief Technology Officer at Attane

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