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Webinar | The State of Senior Living Part 2

State of Senior Living Part 2

COVID-19 has forever changed how you market and sell your senior living community. This pandemic has changed how consumers perceive the industry’s ability to handle a crisis of this scale and has forced senior living leaders to adapt their sales and marketing tactics to meet new consumer needs.

In this on-demand webinar, a follow-up to our State of Senior Living, Part I webinar in April, 2020, you’ll hear from Attane’s Chief Customer Officer Susan Bogan and Senior Vice President of Insights and Strategy Bryan Herrman as they are joined by the president of the American Seniors Housing Association, David Schless, for a discussion on insights from our latest industry research and to share success stories of the communities that are innovating through change.

Tune in to learn:

  • What has shifted in community behavior and consumer sentiment from Wave 1 of our primary research through Wave 3
  • What impacts COVID-19 has had on the industry at large, now that we are four months into normalization
  • How organizations have adapted and innovated through adversity
  • How communities are highlighting positivity from within their walls to regain trust
  • What actionable strategies you should consider today and as you plan for 2021

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