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Webinar | Senior Living Consumer Confidence & Sentiment

Key Insights from our Latest Research

Wave 6 – June 2021

Industry Sentiment Is Shifting, Rebounds Are Occurring

In April 2020, Attane kicked off a longitudinal study to track consumer sentiment and confidence in senior living during the COVID-19 crisis. Through six separate surveys, we compiled the sentiments of 1500+ consumers across the country to assess the current attitudes, beliefs and sentiments toward senior housing. This benchmark data, combined with occupancy data and trends from the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC), allowed us to gleam quantitative and qualitative insights into the mindsets and values of consumers, and gain a clearer picture of the current state of senior housing.

Watch Bryan Herrman, SVP of Insights and Strategy at Attane as he explores the trends from this expansive collection of data and its implications for senior housing.

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About the Host

Bryan Herrman
Senior Vice President, Insights & Strategy

Bryan lives at the intersection of research, data and strategy to help clients drive the most informed business and brand decisions possible. He brings 25+ of experience in research-driven strategic leadership in a broad variety of industries from retail to hospitality, financial services, sports and consumer packaged goods, while working with national brands like Citibank, Microsoft, Hallmark, Hershey, Anheuser-Busch, Best Western Hotels, NASCAR and PGA TOUR.

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