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Webinar | Focus on the Middle to Reach the Top

Focus on the Middle to Reach the Top

Why mid-funnel strategies are key to revenue growth

Rising operational costs and low occupancy rates have put increased pressure on sales and marketing teams to recoup lost revenue with limited budgets. What can community leaders do amidst these pressures and low in-market demand to improve the effectiveness of their sales funnel and grow revenue? Prioritize Middle-of-Funnel (MoF).

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What middle-of-funnel (MoF) is and why it has become critical in today’s market
  • Where communities tend to struggle in MoF management
  • Strategies for MoF improvements to shorten your sales cycle including:
  • How to establish lead quality parameters to identify and prioritize the best fit leads
  • Tips for scaling the education and nurturing of leads
  • Re-engagement techniques to revive past inquiries

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