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Senior Living Communities Improve Direct Mail Campaign Results

Senior Living Communities Improve Direct Mail Campaign Results

Strategy drives lower costs per lead and higher response rates

Utilizing Unique Selling Points to Appeal to the Market

University Village Thousand Oaks and Morningside of Fullerton had historically begun each fiscal year with a large giveaway mailer campaign. This strategy was showing dwindling results for the communities, both of which had a desire to fill the sales funnel and generate more re-inquiries. Attane developed a new strategy focused around one of the unique selling points of the communities: their Type A contract offerings. A fulfillment letter with a Type A guide was created and deployed to showcase the communities’ offerings and educate the target market.

Campaign Results Show Success and Increased Lead Generation

In comparison to their previous strategy, both communities increased new leads, generated higher response rates, and lowered costs per lead.

  • Morningside lowered cost per lead $121
  • University Village generated 546 re-inquiries

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