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Older Americans Month: A Celebration of Perseverance and Strength

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Amid the current pandemic, older Americans exemplify remarkable ingenuity, compassion and resolve. These generations have experienced and endured a lot through the years – military conflicts, post-war optimism, economic volatility, social change, political upheaval and more.

During Older Americans Month, we pause to draw upon the wisdom, spirit and experience older adults bring to our families, communities and nation. We also recognize that during this time of crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we can persevere and prevail by following the tenacity and determination of America’s more experienced individuals.

Older Americans have defended our freedom, built our economy and shaped our nation’s character. They’ve raised families and dedicated themselves to improving the quality of life for future generations. They sacrificed in times of hardship and took pride in a job well done.

For 57 years, Older Americans Month has been observed to recognize older Americans and their contributions to our communities. Led by the Administration for Community Living’s Administration on Aging, every May offers opportunities to hear from, support and celebrate our nation’s elders.

The 2020 theme for Older Americans Month is “Make Your Mark,” and it highlights older adults’ unique and lasting contributions to their communities — everything from sharing a story with grandchildren to leaving a legacy of community action. Communities, organizations and individuals of all ages are also making their marks. This year’s theme highlights the difference everyone can make — in the lives of older adults, in support of caregivers, and in strengthening communities.

Throughout May, let’s celebrate older Americans who stood firm through good and bad. Let’s lift them up and admire their never-ending spirit. With age comes wisdom, and we have so much to learn from such a special group of Americans.

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