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How to Drive Resident Acquisition at Senior Living Communities with Interactive Floor Plans

Interactive Floor Plan

To address the challenges and limitations of visiting a senior living community in person due to COVID-19, providers have increased investments in marketing technology (MarTech) to better meet the needs of prospective residents online.

Implementing an interactive floor plan can drive prospective resident engagement right from their phone or desktop computer. Continue reading to learn some of the ways this asset improves engagement on your website and supports resident acquisition.

What is an Interactive Floor Plan?

An interactive floor plan takes static PDFs and images and turns them into an interactive replica of a property. Interactive floor plans include functionality that allows for drag and drop furniture and attractive 3D renderings. This highly immersive, hands-on experience makes it easier for prospective residents to move through a property at their own pace. The enhanced visualization an interactive floor plan provides several benefits to senior living marketing teams.

Benefits of Implementing an Interactive Floor Plan on a Website

Increased time on site: An interactive floor plan that is mobile responsive will keep prospective residents and ACIs on your website for longer periods of time. During these visits, users become educated about your offerings and more familiar with your community. This extra time on site increases the likelihood of a conversion and a better-quality lead for sales outreach.

Engagement: A floor plan offers limitless levels of customization and options, which improves the website experience for prospective residents. When in-person tours are not possible, having an engaging resource for prospective residents is paramount. Interactive floor plans have functionality such as drag and drop furniture that makes envisioning a living space easy and helps establish an emotional connection between the prospective resident and the property.

Helps qualify interested leads: A website user that spends time customizing and exploring the features of an interactive floor plan for a villa, apartment or other living space at a senior living community is likely to be a warmer lead than one visiting your website the first time. Senior living marketing teams can track the engagement with the floor plan and other actions on the website to tee the prospect up for sales outreach. Adding the activity of clicking or interacting with an interactive floor plan can help teams refine lead scoring, giving both marketing and sales better context into an individuals lead status.

Contact Our Team of Experts to Help Your Community Implement an Interactive Floor Plan

While an interactive floor plan provides numerous benefits, like other MarTech solutions, proper integrations are necessary before implementation. To learn additional benefits or considerations of an interactive floor plan, contact our team. We’ll help your senior living marketing team set this resource up for success and will be happy to discuss additional MarTech solutions to help you accomplish your goals.

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