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Will AI Content and ChatGPT Take Over Custom Content?

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If you’ve been, well, anywhere, you’ve heard the buzz about artificial intelligence (AI). Recent developments in the AI program ChatGPT have led to new possibilities —  and new concerns. Now you can get concise answers to most questions almost instantly, raising hopes for new applications as well as concerns about students cheating on papers, national security, and the spread of disinformation. Whether you’re an optimist or a skeptic about the future of AI, you may have considered putting AI capabilities to work for your business, using AI content to replace custom content. Before you put that plan in motion, here’s a look at the uses and limitations of AI-generated content.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

AI has already infiltrated daily life. An estimated 77% of the devices we use feature some form of AI, and 77% of businesses are using or exploring AI to automate routine operations, analyze data, and improve productivity. But ChatGPT has brought AI’s abilities to a new level. This interactive chatbot uses machine learning to process information, learn language patterns, and respond to users’ prompts in a conversational manner. Give it a prompt and it can 

  • Produce a rap
  • Create an essay
  • Explain a line of poetry
  • Generate computer code
  • Write a 900-word blog post on talking to your parents about assisted living

That’s a pretty impressive list of capabilities, yet ChatGPT isn’t flawless, and it’s not ready to replace human content writers.

Can AI Make Senior Living Content?

Despite the advances in AI, custom content is still the best choice for retaining current clients and connecting with new ones. Yes, you can generate content using AI, but it won’t speak to the complexities of aging and the emotions that underlie the decision to move to senior living. 

In fact, if you look at our experiment with ChatGPT and other AI content generators, you’ll discover a number of areas where AI content proves inadequate, including:


AI’s knowledge is based on vast quantities of information, but most AI models haven’t been fed up-to-the-minute data. ChatGPT’s knowledge base, for example, cuts off at the year 2021, so the copy it generates may not be accurate. Unfortunately, AI can give plausible, authoritative responses even when it’s wrong, which can lead you down a disinformation highway.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

While AI can streamline some aspects of SEO content creation, effective strategies that address the needs of your target audience, your long-term vision, and current market trends require a creative — and human —  touch.

Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T)

Google’s ranking system sorts content based on how well it demonstrates E-E-A-T. AI writing that violates these standards or that aims solely to increase search engine rankings may be flagged as spam and downgraded in search results, meaning fewer people are seeing the content you produce.


“The readability of AI-generated content can vary greatly depending on the specific AI model used and the quality of the training data it was trained on. Some AI models are capable of producing highly readable content that is comparable to content written by humans, while others can produce content that is difficult to understand or riddled with errors.”

If you’ve read much about AI content, you’ve probably been waiting for the moment a snippet of AI-generated copy is slipped into the text. Well, here it is. The quoted text above was produced by ChatGPT in answer to the question, “How readable is AI-generated content?” As you can see, it’s readable, but not reliably so, if ChatGPT is accurate here.


Even with advanced AI content generators like ChatGPT, the human touch is noticeably missing. Without metaphor, irony, personality, style, emotion — the nuances that make human language —  the copy feels like what it is, the product of a robot. It may sound competent, but it’s not compelling, and will likely leave readers unmoved.

Brand Inclusion

You’ve worked hard to craft a brand that speaks to who you are and connects with your intended audience. Ideally, every bit of content you put into the world carries your brand messaging. AI can harvest macro-level data and turn it into copy, but it can’t tailor that content to your unique selling points, include pertinent company references, and end with a call to action that converts readers into customers.

Attane Provides Creative Content Solutions with a Human Touch

At Attane, we’re rather partial to custom content. Not simply because we do it well, but because we know it works. Our team of data scientists and creative content specialists can partner with you to create an omnichannel marketing strategy that shepherds customers through their journey and leads to optimal outcomes for them, and for you. Contact us to get a closer look at how our integrated marketing solutions can work for your business.

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