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3 Reasons Why Digital Brochures Are Important for Senior Living Websites

Digital Brochures

One of the most effective ways to showcase a senior living community is through an elegantly designed and informational printed brochure. Due to their tangible nature, print and direct mail campaigns are still important components in senior living marketing strategies.

During Covid-19, how will your community make this asset available to prospective residents and ACIs when in-person tours are not possible?

When integrated with digital campaigns, a print brochure is an impactful and immersive asset that carries a lot of weight for prospective residents during the decision-making process. A digital brochure now carries the same “weight,” while adding functionality like interactive elements to create an even more immersive experience.

In response to the recent challenges posed by the Coronavirus, senior living providers have increased investments in marketing technology (aka ) like digital brochures.

But, what are digital brochures? And, how do senior living providers utilize digital brochures to engage with prospective residents and ACIs? We provide insight into both questions. Continue reading to learn:

  • A definition of digital brochures for senior living providers
  • Benefits of implementing a digital brochure on senior living provider websites

What is a Digital Brochure?

A digital brochure converts eye-catching and appealing print brochures for your online audience. With a digital brochure, senior living providers gain an engaging way to display print collateral, which can include interactive and clickable elements that aren’t possible with a print brochure. Implementing a digital brochure is more vital than ever and offers several benefits to senior living providers.

Three Benefits of Digital Brochures

There are many benefits to implementing a digital brochure. Let’s explore several of the benefits senior living marketing teams can expect from this asset.

1. An Alternative to In-Person Tours

While senior living providers can’t replace the warmth and atmosphere that comes with a personalized tour of its campus and amenities, assets like 360 virtual tours, interactive floor planners, digital brochures and additional MarTech solutions help your community capture the feel of its campus. Better yet, with a digital brochure in place, prospective residents and ACIs can see the best of what your community has to offer from the comfort of their home.

2. Helps Senior Living Marketing Teams Identify Sales Qualified Leads

The page for your digital brochure is a lead magnet for your community. For senior living marketing teams, this creates a perfect opportunity to insert a form to capture more information from site traffic. Viewing your digital brochure is akin to a piece of premium content and gating this asset is important, as it allows your team to better identify interested prospects.

Each form fill can be tracked as a download, and your team can dig deeper into that data to determine the lead status of that prospect. For prospects that have interacted with your community several times outside of filling out a form to view your digital brochure, senior living marketing teams can infer that lead is interested in your community’s offerings, producing a sales qualified lead (a lead of higher quality) in the hand-off process to the sales team.

3. Addresses the Need for Interactive Pieces of Middle of Funnel (MoF) Content

Senior living community’s spend valuable time crafting informative and helpful top of funnel (ToF) content like blog posts, which draws in clicks and traffic to your website. Creating compelling content for your more serious prospects in the middle of the funnel (MoF) and bottom of funnel (BoF) is equally (if not more) important. A digital brochure is a perfect example of a piece of middle of funnel content that prospective residents and ACIs will find valuable.

This is especially true if your community has a polished, easy to navigate digital brochure. Consider amplifying the reach of this asset by sharing a post on social media to drive traffic to its digital brochure, and by extension, other middle of funnel to bottom of funnel pages of your website.

Get Your Digital Brochure Designed, Optimized and Performing With our Help

In the absence of in-person tours, a digital brochure could be the best alternative to help prospective residents get a feel of the community they’ll call home. That said, a poorly designed a cluttered digital brochure that doesn’t adhere to user experience (UX) best practices could be as much of a detriment to your community than not featuring a digital brochure at all.

We can partner with you to design, optimize and track the performance of your digital brochures, to ensure it and other MarTech solutions contribute toward your occupancy goals.

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