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Senior living executives report that positive occupancy growth and move-in acceleration are slowing as we enter 2022.

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While National Investment Council on Senior Housing (NIC) reports two straight quarters of occupancy increases, the most recent NIC Senior Living Executive Survey shows that the confidence of leaders and performance by communities in the industry’s recovery from the COVID pandemic have both taken a downward turn.

The Downside

Here are some quick takeaways on key points of interest from the NIC study:

  1. Optimism on occupancy recovery is flagging since September. 
    90% of executives now report that they believe recovery will happen in late 2022 or beyond.   1/4 believe that recovery will not be realized until 2023. Some industry analysts believe that the full recovery will not be realized until 2028.
  2. Lead volumes continue to increase, but
    64% of executives still report the volume is not at pre-pandemic level.
  3. Pace of move-ins has slowed since September. 
    The number of executives reporting an acceleration in move-ins has slipped from 50% (September) to 42% (November) – after several months of upward movement in this measure.
  4. Positive change in occupancy has slowed since September. 
    The number of executives reporting a positive increase in occupancy dropped from 57% (September) to 45% (November) – after several months of upward movement in this measure.

Source: NIC Executive Survey Insights Wave 35: Published December 16, 2021

The Upside

While all of this is disappointing news for the industry, it doesn’t mean that all communities are seeing downturns.

In fact, many Attane clients have out-performed industry benchmarks on lead activation and pace of move-ins. While the industry at large will continue to struggle as the market continues to get tougher and more complex – and consumers continue to become more sophisticated and discerning – Attane has developed proven approaches with proven results in driving incremental higher-quality leads, more sales appointments, and faster move-ins for our clients’ communities.

Nobody has more proven senior living data or more benchmark-beating marketing solutions.
The foundation of our success is driven by omni-channel marketing solutions informed by 30+ years of mapping consumer decision-making journeys and understanding which messages work with the right consumers at the right time via the right communications channels. Fact is, nobody has more data on senior living consumer journeys. This proven data over time results in the most efficient and effective marketing approach in the industry. Our proprietary data + unparalleled marketing approach unlock your communities’ untapped potential with new leads and latent existing leads. 

The Road to Business Results Starts Here.

10 Ways to Act on Great Data.

Today’s modern marketing demands more and better use of data. However, simply having data for reporting’s sake only provides a backward-looking account of what has happened in the past. We use data to be forward focused with purpose. At Attane, we’ve connected all the data tools – and more importantly, data touchpoints – across the entire buyer’s journey so we can visualize trends, analyze behaviors and optimize every touchpoint from lead gen to sales conversion on behalf of our clients.  We’ve invested in platforms that enable our clients to understand move-in attribution while providing the insights you need to align your teams around strategic, occupancy-focused outcomes.

Here are 10 strategies Attane employs for putting your data to work to garner higher-performance results:

  1. Analyze depositor profiles, then refine your target audience.
  2. Track digital engagement data, then run campaigns to reach active users.
  3. Append third-party consumer data to reach targets via paid social campaigns.
  4. Run A/B testing on your display ads – compare and optimize.
  5. Plan & focus on the right/most important metrics for each marketing program.
  6. Manage attribution: Connect leads and sales to the appropriate marketing channel.
  7. Update CRM information with key attributes from our 3rd party data.
  8. Prioritize leads by using lead scoring to understand a lead’s profile fit, digital fit and community engagement score.  
  9. Find your lowest performing campaign elements – and cut them.
  10. Measure the metrics that your CEO, CFO and Board of Directors truly care about.

Let’s Connect to Get You Where You Need to Go.

Attane will help you achieve your business goals. Our proven data and proprietary marketing platforms are uniquely built to drive incremental lead activation, better-qualified sales appointments and faster move-ins for your communities. This market is challenging. We’re here to help.

To learn more about how we can dig into your data and drive improved business performance, drop us a note to set up a Complimentary 30-Minute Business Recovery Discovery Session.

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