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Email Marketing and Automation in the Wake of COVID-19

Marketing Automation in the Wake of COVID-19

Everyone’s life journey is unique. It may be a cliche, but it couldn’t be more relevant in today’s climate. COVID-19 has altered each of our lives in one way or another, almost overnight, but each day we become more hopeful for a light at the end of the tunnel. While we’re all adjusting to the new normal where virtual has replaced face to face, it’s important to not only adapt to the current climate but plan ahead to come out of this stronger than before. Especially as a senior living community.

This is simply a reality every marketer must consider to stay top of mind in times like these. Mirroring our personal realities, marketing plans should be fluid to fit the ever changing journeys of your residents’ and prospective residents’ lives. Although COVID-19 has altered the paths of many of our audiences’ journeys, with immediacy, our lead nurturing campaigns naturally adapt to each unique path. We’ve outlined how marketing automation can help your community be there when your residents and prospective residents need it most.

Seniors and their loved ones need relevant information that speaks to their needs during their unique journey. Attane’s Lead nurturing campaigns are fueled with relevant content designed to answer their questions and make them want to ask new ones, leading them to engage with our clients. All this content is powered by automation so our clients’ sales teams can spend more time working directly with the families who need individualized counsel — the most important part of the sales process. All the while, automated email marketing is securing the due diligence needed to keep leads engaged.

How is this possible? The criteria are built on behavioral and person-level data, allowing only the most relevant content to be delivered throughout each journey. As behaviors change, profiles in the CRM and marketing automation platform (MAP) adjust to better understand who that person is and then deliver the content that best resonates at that time. Although this is a one-to-one marketing strategy, the technology and integrations allow for personalization and insights at scale, meaning the effort to deliver, learn from, and adjust the lead nurturing content is not impacted.

What matters most from a senior living lead nurturing perspective is to empathize with a potential resident’s journey. An easy way to do this is through marketing automation. For example, if a lead shows signs of being active online and is looking at COVID-specific resources on your community’s website (all information that is tracked in the MAP), this gives you an opportunity to act upon those insights and deliver related content in a timely manner. Marketing automation ensures you reach those leads at the exact right point in their journey so no opportunities to connect with seniors who need you are missed. This perfect timing makes senior living communities a trusted resource, and like a trusted friend you can rely on in difficult times, your community will be there when the time is right.

We’ve been working with over 350 communities around-the-clock in this rapidly changing environment. How you respond in this crucial time will not only help you weather the storm, but you’ll also emerge with more knowledge and be better equipped for the future. How you interact with your leads and residents during this time will help build the trust your present and future residents and their families will have in you throughout COVID-19 and long after.